IPA Member Spotlight: Illinois Farm Bureau

IPA Member Spotlight: Illinois Farm Bureau

The Illinois Farm Bureau recently became the first Associate member of the Illinois Press Association. Associate members are non-allied businesses or organizations that wish to cultivate or extend a relationship with the newspaper industry in Illinois.

Who Is the Farm Bureau?

It's a grassroots membership organization made up of people who support farms, food and families in Illinois.

Its members recommend new polices, which in turn are voted by fellow farmer-members. Non-farmers who believe in the Farm Bureau's mission may also join. Membership also means added value through member discounts and services from the "Family of Companies."

Members join at the county Farm Bureau level, and also are members of the Illinois Farm Bureau. Illinois Farm Bureau represents our state as a member of the American Farm Bureau Federation. Together, they demonstrate strength in numbers and ensure the voice of agriculture is heard.

The Illinois Farm Bureau, formed in 1916, is made up of five divisions: Governmental Affairs and Commodities, Finance, General Counsel, Member Services and Public Relations, and News and Communications. The organization serves more than 400,000 members. Farmers meet each year and elect a board of directors that guides the organization.

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What the Farm Bureau does

Advocates for farmers. Speaks out for agriculture: Farm Bureaus of Illinois bring together the diverse voices of Illinois' farming community. Its united, nonpartisan and trusted voice speaks to decision-makers in Washington, Springfield, and your own backyard.

Promotes the values and quality  of life that we in Illinois hold dear.: Its members come in all walks of life, yet it's rooted in common values like family, goodwill and honesty. Farm Bureaus of Illinois ignite local and state initiatives that promote youth education, rural development, charitable giving, a healthier planet, and wholesome food.

Revs up Illinois' largest economic engine - agriculture.: Agriculture is a tremendous economic engine, fueling working families in both rural and urban communities. Farm Bureaus of Illinois rev the engine by providing tools and creating a business climate that family farmers need to lead the economy.

Nearly 25 percent of Illinois jobs are related to agriculture, whether it's growing food, serving food, or something in between.

Connects the farming community with the general public.

Creates value in membership.: Illinois Farm Bureau means good deals on great benefits. From information-packed seminars to discounts on theme park tickets, it offers members opportunities for education, information and exploration.

How the Farm Bureau does it

Embraces Grassroots: It's member-driven.

Finds Solutions: It's respected for its ability to bring groups together.

Stays Engaged: It's responsive to its members' needs.

Builds Relationships: It increases its influence and credibility with open dialogues.

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